how to
develop your


human development works

Today’s challenges are complex. Strategy in a disruptive environment.
Relationship marketing. Organizational diversity. Innovation. And everyone is
realizing that ping pong tables don’t actually make the work much better.

But imagine a team of trusting, self-developing, devoted people. Having
customers who not only like a product, but love your organization itself.

The only way to explode with effectiveness is through a development process.
We’ve distilled it 1-2-3 so your entire organization can do it – right now.

  • 1 human values map
  • 2 stakeholder alignment
  • 3 human-driven innovation

human values map

Human Values are the way of talking about what matters to people. Not those
“business values” that remind employees to “be professionals.” We’re talking
the values that cause people to wake up before their alarm rings – because
they care so deeply about contributing their humanity to your organization.

leap into cultural synergy

Imagine this: developing hiring, employee engagement, target customer
strategy, product design, supplier strategy, marketing communications, and
executive leadership using a crystal-clear measurement of Human Values.
When you know what people care about, it’s near foresight.

And it scales, so you get to manage and clearly watch your culture as you grow.
That’s much cooler than watching ping pong tables.


stakeholder alignment

get aligned at all levels

You were busy building your product. Or your organization grew too fast.
Maybe the market around you took a sharp left. Or, you just want to do
things right. Sometimes, stepping back to design intentional stakeholder
alignment is exactly what’s needed to go from stuck to singing.

Like Humans helps you create direct, system-level alignments, enabling
you to get back to work. Except now, everyone knows exactly where your
organization is headed.


human-driven innovation

A breakthrough in problem solving and communication.

break through breakdown

Organizations struggle to build trust and synergy when people awkwardly
avoid confronting what’s really on their minds. They could be developing
and growing, but they’re stuck communicating (or not) in ineffective and
unproductive ways. Doing feedback seems “like complaining” or “scary.”

But doing feedback just means you’re learning. We give you our best,
research-based methodology to do that: Human-Driven Innovation. It
elevates the entire organization’s mindset to serious self-development.

get your team going

“Our team has never been more connected. I know
how to talk to teammates in a way I didn’t before.”

Project Manager

“This was the most important conversation of my life.”

Executive Client

Put the power of human development in your hands.

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